3D Printing: Bringing Fantasy to Reality

Times are changing and with time definitions of needs are also changing. There were times when necessities were few, with all other things falling into the comfort or luxury zone. With technological advancements and easy availability many luxury items have shifted into the necessary and comfort zone. Take for example 3D printing technology. You see an object on screen and with the help of a 3D printer you can get the very same object without having to purchase it.

It is true that 3D printers are not yet that popular but at the rate at which they are growing, it will not be long before every household also owns a piece. A normal 2D printer can be found in every second home. Same will be the case with this one in due time. ZCorporation of China has developed the ZPrinter 650 3D printer that is capable of ‘printing’ objects with ultimate ease. It can turn out to be an object that helps people transform their fantasies to life. This model supports multiple file formats and a 600X540 dpi resolution gives a full 24 bit color output. It supports five printing heads of black, cyan, magenta, yellow and clear.

Every one has a dream and a fantasy world but not all have the means and ability to bring it to life. This 3D printer could prove to be one such means that bridges the gap between reality and fantasy. All that one will have to do is pour over ones dream images on to the computer and hit the print button. The printer takes over from here bringing out a 3D model. All that you need to do thereon is give it your desired color.

With everything being machine made this printer could to some extent take away the pleasure of 3D modeling that many artists excel in. It is quite possible that a 3D modeling artist would refrain from using it as he/she might draw that same amount of satisfaction as from a hand made art piece. This is true, but only to an extent as the conceptualizing has to be done in an artistic brain and if the brain does not work the computer and eventually the printer can do nothing.

Benefits of 3D printing are numerous and can be used for purposes such as education, architecture, art, craft, product designing, and many more areas. It will not only make a process simpler but will also help bring out the best results in every field.

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