17 of the Greatest Super Mario Bros Jokes and Parodies

Super Mario with his chubby figure, iconic mustache and ever smiling face has always been a source of entertainment since we were kids. And now, when our definition of fun has evolved to be much more complicated than just sitting in front of the computer trying to save the princess, Internet community feels the need to borrow his image to joke around. Some jokes, like the one about BP oil spill, are serious. Some, on the other hand, are created just for the sake of it. Below is the list of 16 greatest Super Mario Bros jokes and parodies. Hold your breath and prepare to LOL.

Super Mario Killed by BP

Super Mario has always been a brave warrior. Neither Goomba, Koopa nor villain king Bowser can stop him, until BP shows up and leaves him no second chance.

Giant Goomba

Mario was definitely shocked to see Goomba getting a taste of Mario’s super power. Get used to it Mario. Life is not always as programmed.

Broken Flag

Via: Mario Mayhem

Poor Mario. It’s time to be on diet.

Bowser’s Genius

Via: Explosm

No wonder why he can never defeat Mario.

Super Mario Bros Inception

Anyone who has watched the movie Inception will immediately gets the joke by Dorkly. Click here to read the full story.

Heeeeeeere’s Mario!

Heeeeeeere’s Mario is a fun remake of the Shining from Dueling Analogs with Mario as the crazy character. Mario has been rescuing Princess Peach for years, and she keeps getting captured. It is understandable why he went a little crazy.

Mario Whassup

A parody of Barack Obama campaign’s Wassup commercial, Mario Whassup makes you laugh and think at the same time. It’s all about the games, bud.

Mario Comedy

Created and uploaded by YouTube user Capter41, Mario Comedy is probably the most popular Mario jokes on YouTube. It consists of 3 episodes, each attracts millions of views each.

Super Mario Bros Mushroom Makeover

30 mushrooms are 30 cutest makeovers of our faithful mushroom: some are geeky, some are heroic, some are just nonsense. The Mushroom Boob might make you blush, but he is kind of cute.

Super Mario in Star Wars

The love for video games inspired artist Misha to combine Super Mario Bros and Star Wars into her set of paintings. The set consists of “Luigi in Carbonite” where Luigi looks exactly like Han Solo; “The Return of Mario Bros” that is a reminiscent of the Jedis and their fabled returns and ““Slave Girl Peach” where Princess Peach is portrayed as Slave Girl/Princess Leia.

Depressing Mario

Mario smashed Goomba as usual until he realized what he has done. He soon entered a downward spiral until he was caught by mushroom police and killed himself in jail. And Mario is bald.

Bowser Trophy

This Bowser trophy is a bloody warning to all who dare to challenge the Mario Brothers. One must agree that it’s a lot of work given the fact that it’s made out of paper.

Super Mario Jesus

Created by YouTube user TotemX, Super Mario Jesus – notepad based animation – depicts Jesus freeing himself from crucifixion and taking the role of Super Mario, while running out he thrashes and smashes several enemies on its way just akin to Super Mario Brothers.

Mario and Princess Peach’s Game Over

Inspired by the masterpiece Pietà of Renaissance sculpture, Kordian Lewandowski’s Game Over is a beautiful concept wherein Princess Peach holds dead Mario in her lap to signify the end of the game.