3D4C 3D Printer Combines Four Filaments for a Wide Range of Colors

One of the main ways to increase the variety of 3D printed objects is to make sure that the materials used for 3D printing come in different colors. The 3D4C 3D printer achieves that by combining only 4 basic colors, but as with conventional printers, the results are quite variate.

Felix Chan and Cyrus Kuk, the developers of 3D4C, thought that typical 3D printers are unnecessarily complex, despite printing in a single color, most of the time. The two designers draw inspiration from inkjet printers and developed one that employs four filaments to create a variety of colors.

The two developers claim that this is the world’s first CMYK 3D color printer, and since the other devices capable of 3D printing in color take different approaches, I’m inclined to believe their claim.

Researching and developing this 3D printer took Chan and Kuk two years, but judging by the results, I’d say that the time was definitely well spent.

3D4C is currently featured on Kickstarter, where Chan and Kuk are looking to raise £50,000 within the next 26 days. Should the campaign be successful and the project get funded, anyone who pledged £850/899/999 as a Super Early Bird/Early Bird/regular backer, will receive a 3D4C 3D printer in December 2014, just in time to 3D print some gifts for the little ones.


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