Google Glass Lets You Order Groceries Just By Looking At Them

With Google Glass getting into the hands of more developers, one supermarket has found a way to make shopping with Google Glass a breeze.

Google Glass

Shopping in the past used to be a nightmare. First you had to drive to the store, then you had to navigate a supermarket trolley around the aisles, being careful not to knock anything over (try doing this with children under your supervision for a real challenge on ‘expert’ difficulty) and then you had to keep your inner Hulk occupied save you get frustrated about those long queues. Tablets and smartphones have made that easier, sure, as we can now use apps to do our bidding from in front of the TV at home but even then apps can be a hassle especially when the layout is poor and supermarkets are too lazy to come up with a tutorial. Let’s be thankful to UK retailer Tesco for making it easier then, as we can now order our groceries from home, just by looking at them.

According to the video above, you specifically have to look at the barcode listed on the product and, provided that Tesco have the product in their warehouses, they’ll add it to your online shopping cart and allow you to have it delivered to your door as and when you might need it.

The benefits are clear on this one as each and every person who has ever bought groceries in their life knows how easy it is to forget to write ‘milk’ on the shopping list and even then you have to remember that you’ve written a shopping list at all so now you can just look at the need-to-buy stuff to add it to your basket and for all of the stuff you’d like to try or don’t have readily available for barcode scanning, it won’t take you long to manually buy that either. Meanwhile, there’s the obvious question of ‘what if I scan something accidentally by, I don’t know, daydreaming or something?’ which I’m sure Tesco will answer in due course but for now, it seems like a very neat trick indeed.

Source: Tesco Labs

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