4 PC Case Mods That Will Blow Your Mind!

For computer geeks, a PC is not just a PC: It is a prized possession. Since this is something, they use every day, a lot of people take their time out to make their computers standout through customizations.

Since most people look forward to something new whenever a new year starts, why not start it by getting a custom PC that rocks? Here are just a few of them:

Millennium Falcon Custom Gaming PC


Something to die for Star Wars fans! Imagine having a Millennium Falcon parked in your home, isn’t that cool? Only that you cannot ride on it to the galaxy. Still, you can have a really impressive gaming PC inside and out. This Millennium Falcon-designed custom PC carries an Intel Core i5 processor, an 8gb memory and can handle 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Vault Tec Fallout 3 Custom designed PC Corsair C70 Vengeance Case


Something to cheer about for the Fallout 3 gamers is this funky custom PC inspired by the Vault Tec Fallout 3 game. The maker has custom-painted and designed it herself and used a C70 Corsair case.

 Color-Changing Gaming PC Tower Desktop


Make your gaming PC more mystifying through custom LED lights. The maker has designed it as green to match its backdrop, but you may also request the customization you want in its LED lights. What’s more interesting in this customized color-changing gaming PC is, you can have color changing parts, such as the fan and the RAM. Then, you can even control them remotely. Magical!

Custom-painted Glow in the Dark Gaming PC Tower


Or, why not have a custom painted casing that even glows in the dark? It also has Custom LED lighting strips and cold cathode light. Not just pure outside beauty, this custom gaming PC tower also uses a milled aircraft aluminum Silverstone Fortress case and bears n Intel i5 processor, a 2gb NVIDIA graphics card and a 2TB graphics card.