Sony’s Official PS5 Website Is Now Live in the UK and Germany

Playstation 5 is coming soon
Playstation website

After weeks of waiting in anticipation, the official PS5 website is now live in some countries. This means, there might be an announcement anytime soon, and Sony is using curiosity to its benefit. For a while now, industry pundits have expected Sony to announce the PS5 in February. Now that the release date is fast approaching, Sony is trying to build up a media frenzy before it officially announces the PS5. It is still not clear when the console will be announced exactly. 

Users can leave the email addresses on the official PS5 website to be notified when it is available

Sony makes it quite clear that the new console will come with some outstanding features. However, it adds that it is currently not able to unveil the PS5 immediately. Consequently, on the official website, it requests users to share their email addresses so that it can communicate to them when the console is ready to be announced. It also assures visitors that it will soon share price-related details, along with the upcoming roster of launch games. 

No information about pricing yet

Sony had announced just a while ago that it has still not reached a consensus about pricing. It admitted that it’s waiting for Microsoft to launch the Xbox Series X in order to get a better idea of how it can play the market. Yet, one can only wonder why Sony decided to make the official PS5 website go live so soon. The company probably has its own reasons to do so, and speculating its intentions may not be very relevant.  

The most anticipated console of recent months is finally going to be announced

PS5 is one of the most anticipated consoles this year. Fans have long waited for the successor of PS4, and now is the moment of revelation. As the website indicates, the release is might happen anytime this month. Currently, the UK and the German websites of the console are up, and so is the logo, which the company announced just a few days ago. One needs to directly visit the website, and it does not appear on PlayStation’s homepage. 

As it is, Sony has been closely following Apple’s footsteps when it comes to marketing, choosing a premium-style of marketing. When the console does arrive in the market, both Nintendo and Microsoft will have some tough competition to fight.