Geek Culture 5 Alternative To the Original Rubik's Cube

5 Alternative To the Original Rubik’s Cube

People go crazy for speed cube puzzles, Rubik’s cubes in all shapes, versions and forms, so why not give the public what it wants with another set of unique brain busters that both challenge you and make you smarter as you solve your way through shapes and colors?

Alternative Rubik's Cube Speed Cube Brain Teaser Toy smart

ShengShou Megaminx Speed Cube Rubik’s Cube

ShengShou Megaminx Speed Cube Rubik's Cube

The ShengShou Megaminx Speed Cube Rubik’s Cube is the popular form of Rubik’s Cubes these days: a dodecahedron-shaped puzzle with 50 movable pieces compared to the 20 pieces a 3×3 cube. It’s great for fans of speed solving. It’s available here on  Amazon.

Dayan Creative Gem Cube Speed Cube Brain Teaser Toy

Alternative Rubiks Cube Speed Cube Brain Teaser Toy


A great gift for adults and children alike, the Dayan Creative Gem Cube Speed Cube Brain Teaser Toy comes with a very unique design, making it a special speed cube type puzzle to solve, testing both patience and mental skill. It’s available for $25.01.

ShengShou Pyraminx Speedcubing Puzzle Alternative Rubik’s Cube

ShengShou Pyraminx Speedcubing Puzzle Alternative Rubik's Cube

Personally, the pyramid style of speed cubes is my favorite, which makes the ShengShou Pyraminx Speedcubing Puzzle Alternative Rubik’s Cube something I highly recommend. It comes in different sizes, and the prices begin at $3.81, going up to $16.89 including shipping.

Dayan Creative Gem Cube Speed Cube Brain Teaser Toy

Alternative Rubiks Cube Brain Teaser Toy

A huge puzzle compared to the others in this category, it’s part of the fantastic series that consist of an assortment of bizarre, many-sided puzzles that resemble multifaceted gemstones. It’s available for $42.81.

A-Maze-Ball Maze Game

Alternative Rubiks CubeA-Maze-Ball Maze Game

A unique item on the list, it isn’t a speed cube or Rubik’s cube. Instead, it’s a maze ball game that improves hand-eye coordination and spatial relations for those always seeking to upgrade themselves, coming in three different difficulty settings. Each ball costs $9.99.

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