10 Rubik’s Cube Type Puzzles

Some things never go obsolete. One of them is the Rubik’s Cube game, offering a cube puzzle that’s been going strong for over 40 years. Only to make things interesting, designers are coming up with great ideas to make Rubik’s Cube type puzzles, only with better playability and increased difficulty through original shapes and structures.

The X-Cube

Rubik's Cube Type Puzzles 4

Just messing about with a Rubik’s Cube isn’t enough these days for puzzle lovers. It’s all about Rubik’s Cube-type puzzles, only more difficult, which can be found in the very interesting X-Cube, with is very interesting shape-shifting, twisting logic puzzle. If it gets too hard, there’s always the tutorial on the-x-cube.com, but it’s better to solve it on your own. Available for $31.98.

ShengShou Megaminx Speed Cube Puzzle

10 Rubik's Cube Type Puzzles

Another version of the cubes puzzle genre, the ShengShou Megaminx Speed Cube Puzzle has 50-movable pieces compared to 20 in the 3×3 classic, simple cube, providing a more challenging and complicated cube puzzle. Available for $7.65.

YJ Fluctuation Angle Puzzle Cube

10 Rubik's Cube Type Puzzles 1

The YJ Fluctuation Angle Puzzle Cube hardly looks like a typical Rubik’s Cube puzzle, but believe it or not, this is basically a 3×3 cube puzzle, only with odd shapes and angles parts that can be moved around, breaking the routine of the Rubik’s Cube puzzle and maybe offering a more difficult, but mostly different challenge. Available for $6.39.

Newisland Professional Edition 3 x 3 Optimum Structured Speed Cube

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What’s special about the Newisland Optimum structured Speed cube compared to the classic Rubik’s Cube? It works better and more smoothly, pure & simple. And for those who care about the environment, it’s made out of recyclable material, harmless to human and environment. Available for $12.99.

D-FantiX Qiyi Mofangge Dimension Speed Cube 3×3

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The D-FantiX Speed Cube is another version of the classic Rubik’s Cube Puzzle, with a smoother feel to it and a more modern look. One issue addressed in this version is the tightness of the object which affects the turning. It comes with a screw in the each center cap and it can be tighten or loosen with a screwdriver. Available for $8.50.

Rubik’s 2 x 2 Cube

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Sometimes, you don’t want a challenge when solving a cube puzzle. All you want is to do it quickly and feel accomplished. That’s what the 2×2 Rubik’s Cube is for, although it does come without any stickers, which means: NO CHEATING! Available for $7.99.

LanLan® Curvy Copter Puzzle Cube10 Rubik's Cube Type Puzzles 2

The LanLan Curvy Copter Cube is one of the more interesting cube puzzles out there, offering a very interesting design and a different direction of working the cube puzzle out compared to the more traditional Rubik’s Cube options. Available for $10.86

7x7x7 Cube Puzzle

7X7 Rubik's Cube Type Puzzles

Simply put? Super difficult, as the Shengshou 7x7x7 speed cube offers something a challenge no other Rubik’s cube puzzle can in terms of the amount of thought one needs to put into solving this cube puzzle and obviously, the amount of time it takes to complete it. Available for $15.50.

Newisland 3×3 Plastic Stickerless Speed Cube

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The interesting feature about the Newisland 3×3 plastic stickerless speed cube isn’t the puzzle itself which is the standard expectation from a Rubik’s Cube, but how it’s built: No stickers (6 already colored plastics), and maybe even better is the improved anti-pop technology to make for easier turning and smoother play. Available for $11.99.

 Shengshou Pyraminx Speedcubing Puzzle

10 Rubik's Cube Type Puzzles 10

Like the 2×2 Rubik’s cube, the Shengshou Pyraminx Speedcubing puzzle is a simple of way of making yourself feel good about solving a cube puzzle, or simply a good way of introducing yourself to the world of the Rubik’s cube games, before taking it up a notch. Available for $3.89

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