5 Fantastic Amazon Prime Early Access Deals In Video Games

Attention gamers and Amazon Prime members, you can look at Amazon right now for some amazing early access deals in gaming!

Every gamer needs gear, as a headset or mouse can be vital to a great (or bad) gaming experience. Fortunately, I’ve found some of the best early access offers in video game gear, as well as a couple of other fun deals. Check them out below.

Yanni G2 Wired USB Computer Optical Gaming Mouse Mice 6 Buttons 3200 DPI LEDs For PC Mac Lumix (Black)

This is a high-quality computer gaming mouse, with an ergonomic, comfortable design, 4 LED light colors, easy connectivity, without the need to code. All you have to do is plug it in and play! Every PC gamer knows the importance of having a good mouse. We’ve probably all run into issues like unresponsive or delayed movements, or buttons that simply don’t work. Say goodbye to those problems with this mouse that is specifically designed for a smooth gaming experiences.

Retro-Bit Adapter – NES to SNES Cartridge Adapter

Back before the days of backward compatible consoles and emulators, there was no way to play the old games you loved, other than popping them back into their original consoles. Fortunately, these days there’s almost always a way to make things more convenient and this NES to SNES adapter is definitely a cool gadget to have. If you’re an owner of an old NES or SNES, you’ve probably noticed that both consoles take up quite a bit of space. Why not put the NES into storage and play its great games on your SNES? With this adapter, you can! Please note that adapters aren’t always perfect, and not every NES game will work, but it is compatible with the majority.

NDAD Full Body Golden Protective Vinyl Skin Decal For Xbox one Console and 2PCS Xbox one Controller Skins Stickers

We’ve probably all thought at some point that we wanted to customize the plain, boring looks of our consoles. Most are so drab looking, just black, gray, or white. This golden colored vinyl skin is a huge upgrade! This one is made to fit the Xbox One, but there are surely plenty of other great skins out there for any and every console. I’m a fan of the gold one, because it looks fancy, shiny, and slick. It makes me feel like a millionaire playing video games in my mansion. As another plus, this skin not only makes you Xbox One look cool, but it protects it too, from pesky scratches or other mishaps.

Francois et Mimi Smart-Band Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Noise Isolating Headphones w/ Microphone

I know most people go through multiple pairs of headphones every year. They’re used to them breaking, or getting lost, because most are very cheaply made, or too easy to lose. Though I don’t have a solution for not losing your headphones (the pesky things like to fall out of my pocket), I do have a solution for finding a high-quality pair. These noise isolating headphones by Francois et Mimi are high-quality, with the latest in Bluetooth technology, and a modern, elegant design. They work for almost all tablets, computers, laptops, phones, and gaming devices. I personally think they would be a fantastic choice for 3DS, or mobile games.

KingTop Computer Gaming Headset for PS4, Xbox One

KingTop makes awesome, affordable gaming headsets for the frugal gamer. Some headsets can cost you over fifty bucks, while this one is only $25.99. It’s light and soft, comfortable to wear, and not clunky and heavy like many other headsets. You can adjust the microphone vertically or horizontally, placing it wherever it fits you best. There’s also a wide array of volume options, so games don’t have to be overwhelmingly quiet or loud. If you’re a PS4 or Xbox One owner and you want a good deal on a headset, KingTop is the one to get. You won’t be disappointed.

Hopefully, you found a great deal here! Remember, there are all kinds of great deals on Amazon all the time, and you don’t want to miss out. Gamers need their gear, and I think the choices offered here would be great additions to your gaming collection. Have fun and happy gaming!