Keep Your iPhone 6/6S Safe with These 5 Premium Cases

Cases seem to have evolved at the same pace as the devices they’re protecting. As such, most of them feature added functionality, and do much more than just keeping the smartphone safe. Check out the following 5 premium iPhone 6/6S cases that are currently available in our store at heavily discounted prices.

From providing some extra charge exactly when you need it to protecting your contactless cards from being read, premium iPhone 6/6S cases have long gone past keeping the smartphone safe. Such accessories should be found in any iPhone owner’s pocket, especially since they can save a lot of room. If you happen to own an iPhone 6 or 6S, you should consider getting one of the following cases for it, as you might not get another chance to find them at such small prices.

Maxboost 3100mAh Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s

Would you like to be able to talk more on the iPhone or browse the Web for just a little bit longer? With a capacity of 3,100mAh, the Maxboost battery case can extend the battery life of the iPhone by more than 125%. How much is that? Just about 18 hours of talk time or 14 hours of Web browsing. The elegant design won’t make the smartphone much bulkier, so you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for more battery life. Besides, thanks to the included LEDs, you’ll always know how much charge there is left.

For the next 6 days, you can find the Maxboost 3100mAh battery case for iPhone 6/6S in our store, Walyou Deals at $29.99, a 69% discount from the original retail price.

Slim Juicer 3100mAh Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s

The Slim Juicer has the same capacity as the Maxboost battery case, but comes in black, so if you happen to prefer this non-color, ZeroLemon’s solution might be up your alley. The extra power is equivalent to one full charge, so you will no longer have to carry a charger with you, or look for power outlets anywhere you go. The Slim Juicer manages to protect the iPhone against bumps, shocks and drops, while also enhancing its aesthetics.

Typically retailing for $50, the Slim Juicer battery case costs just $30.00 in our store. However, if you’re considering getting this one, you’ll have yo hurry, as the deal will expire in less than 24 hours.

Mujjo iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus Wallet Case

Mujjo takes elegance to an even higher level than the two previous cases. This one might not double as an external battery, but it’s made from leather and can successfully replace your wallet, assuming that you’re carrying only cards. The pocket holding the cards sits at an 80-degree angle, fact that contributes as well to the overall futuristic design of this case.

Available in black, gray, or tan, the Mujjo iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus wallet case can be purchased in our store for $49.95 within the next 6 days. This one retails for $60, so the discount may not be spectacular, but it’s still worth it, if you consider that it also comes with free shipping.

RFID-Protective Card Holder & iPhone Case

Let’s face it, contactless credit cards are extremely convenient, as you no longer have to enter your PIN even for the smallest of transactions. However, hackers are able to deploy RFID scanners to steal your credit card details and make purchases in your name, or even deplete your bank account. RFID-protective wallets and cases such as the card holder and iPhone case developed by Silent Pocket can protect your smartphone and contactless in an extremely elegant body.

For the next two days, you can find Silent Pocket’s RFID-protective card holder and iPhone case in our store at $49, a 29% discount from the original retail price of $70.

ThinCharge iPhone 6/6S Battery Case

Touted as the thinnest battery case ever made, ChargeTech’s ThinCharge can double your iPhone’s battery life without making it look like a feature phone from the last century. In other words, you will no longer have to choose between a slim phone and a large battery case. The ThinCharge is available either in white or gold, so you can easily match it to the color of your iPhone.

In terms of capacity, the ThinCharge has 2,600mAh, which may not be as much as the previous models, but it’s still enough for hours upon hours of talking or Web browsing. Much like every other premium iPhone 6/6S case featured here, the ThinCharge features cutouts for all of the ports, so you won’t have to remove the case when charging the iPhone, using the speaker, or taking photos with the rear camera.

The ThinCharge iPhone 6/6S battery case is currently sold out, but it will be available again before you know it. Even though it typically retails for $129, in our store it’s priced at $56.99, which is less than half the original price. Considering the incredible slimness of this battery case and its impressive capacity, this is really a bargain, as the chances of finding something close to this are slim to none.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to the extra functions of the iPhone cases. Some are looking to extend the battery life of the smartphone, while others would rather own a case that doubles as a wallet. If you add to that the fact that some premium iPhone 6/6S cases can even prevent hackers using RFID scanners from stealing your identity, you can see why it’s so difficult to pick just one case as the best of them all. After all, who says you should only own a single case? You’ll definitely find yourself in situations when a specific case is better suited than another, but if you own more models, then you don’t have to worry about that.

All of the items presented above are shipped for free to continental US addresses, and all sales are final. Deliveries are expected to take place after the middle of May, provided that you place an order now.

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