10 Silly Gadgets for a Perfect Nap

Who doesn’t like to sleep. Taking a nap can be one of the most enjoyable things you do during the day.  When we were kids, taking a nap was almost mandatory. Too bad that as adults we can’t do it everyday.

10 Silly Gadgets For NappingThe perfect nap is not always achievable; work and travel get in the way. Sometimes you can’t find the perfect conditions for a great nap. Well, this is where we come in. Below you’ll find some really funny accessories, but some are actually quite useful in creating the conditions for the perfect nap. Check out these 10 niffy napping accessories that will help you to get a great nap.

Office Nap Accessories

Chin Rest Arm

Chin Rest Arm sily napping gadgets

Napping in your office is something of a challenge. On one hand you can’t really nap there, right? But on the other hand sometimes the body wants what it wants. Well, this silly armrest will keep you seated. It will look like you are working, while you can really close your eyes for a few minutes and nap. You can get it here.

Eye Mask Napping Pillow

funny silly napping gadgets Eye Mask Napping Pillow

This eye napping mask will provide two very important conditions for your nap: A dark place and a place where you can lay your head. You can get it for $50

Travel Nap Accessoires

Sleeping Dome

silly gadgets for lazy people napping

One of the fundamental conditions in a nap is lighting: Semi-lit or completely dark. This funny dome will give you just that. I’m sure that beside making you laugh, you’ll find this dome useful, perhaps while you are traveling or camping. You can get it here

Ostrich Pillow

silly napping Ostrich Pillow funny

Another funny way to rest your head while also getting a warm and cuddly feeling is this Ostrich Pillow. Perhaps in cold weather it’s nice and cozy but I wonder how is it during the summer. Either way, you can get it here

Inflatable Travel Pillow

funny Inflatable Travel Pillow nap gadgets

Some gadgets are silly but cool. This one doesn’t fit that category. Seems very bulky and it doesn’t leave much room to really lean forward and lay your head. Hey, who knows, maybe it works. You can get it here

NapAnywhere® Travel Pillow

NapAnywhere Travel Pillow gadgets

Sometimes a smart solution is all you need for a great unplanned nap. This napanywhere pillow, will provide you a with something to rest your head on pretty much anywhere you are. You can get it here


Home Nap Accessories

The Boyfriend Pillow

silly sleeping napping Boyfriend Pillow gadgets

Some people just sleep better when they’re not alone. This boyfriend pillow is not really a on-the-go nap accessory, but if you want to nap during the day and you’re used to cuddling, this can be a silly yet useful accessory. You can get it here.

USB Heated Air Hug Pillow

USB Heated Air Hug Pillow silly sleeping gadgets

To be honest I’m not even sure why it needs to be warm… but for some people maybe this one seems logical. Anyway you can get it here

Arm Side Nappers Pillow

Side Sleepers pillow arm space funny nap gadget

This is the perfect pillow for Side nappers, since it’s addressing the biggest side sleepers problem,which is of course where to put your arm. This pillow has a arm tunnel which allows you to sleep on the side and place your arm in the tunnel. Genius. You can get on Amazon.

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