6 Amazing Google Glass Features

As the rumoured ‘early 2014’ release date of Google’s Glass eyewear device rolls around, we look at 6 of the gadget’s coolest unexpected features.

Google Glass image 3

There’s nothing quite like a hotly tipped, highly anticipated tech device, from one of the world’s biggest brands to reinvigorate the technology market. Say what you want about Google Glass (some say it’s an interesting fad, while others say it’s revolutionary), there’s little denying that the search giant’s new gadget is popular, with more than enough people interested in it to justify the hype. However, proving that it’s worthy of its $1,500 price tag (that’s what it’s currently being sold to Google Glass Explorers at, the RRP is yet to be confirmed) to those who like their glasses being strictly mechanical, was always going to be a tough task, but with more than a handful of extra, impressive features, for Google Glass, that battle might just have gotten easier.

1. Wink to Photograph

In this day and age of oversharing, where a photo of your lunch is considered of as much important to some as, say, the first photo of the moon landing, the ease of taking photos is a necessity. With apps like Instagram, which let you upload photos and videos in seconds with snazzy filters to boot, there are more ways than ever to get your media out there, which is likely why Google Glass lets you take photos by winking, useful if your phone’s camera just doesn’ cut it.

2. Passwords of the Future

While there’s probably no scientific evidence to support this, it’s hardly a statistical surprise that most people think that passwords are a bit of a pain in the butt as remembering them is one thing and making them complicated enough not to be hacked is another. What Google Glass does to keep unwanted users out, is that it allows you to lock the device, requiring a specific sequence of swipes and taps to use it, sort of like a secret handshake gone digital.

3. Maps On The Go

Google Maps has been a longstanding example of excellence in Google’s large roster, giving us extremely helpful route details and insights into our locations with a few clicks on a computer or swipes on a touchscreen. This is something that’s set to be brought to Glass too, if the original announcement video is to be believed, with Maps for Glass offering a HUD (heads up display) map letting you check where you’re going on the fly.

4. Do It For the Glass!

One of the new ‘big things’ in 2013 was the 6-second-video sharing app, Vine, which gave us instances of quick-fire hilarity in under 10 seconds. Call it a direct response to that or a useful coincidence, but Google Glass’ default recording time is 10 seconds (with up to 45 minutes of recording time possible), giving you a wonderful chance to upload funnies to the web without a smartphone or tablet.

5. Google Hangouts

Also in the realm of possibility for Glass’ video capabilities are Google Hangouts. Plenty use them for business while others use them as a Google account-friendly alternative to Skype as they get in touch with friends and family using the service. According to officially release footage from Google Glass’ debut, Hangouts will be available on yet another device, even letting you see the person on the other end of the Hangout, provided that they have their webcam in use.

6. Smartphones Step Aside

One of the most game-changing Google Glass features, in my opinion, is the smartphone connectivity. Not only does Glass allow for apps (apps for both Twitter and Facebook are rumoured) as well as mobile tethering to make use of your phone’s Internet connection, it can also function as a hands-free device, letting you make and take mobile phone calls with it. While it doesn’t completely remove the use of a phone (unless you prefer Google Hangouts to phone calls), it will make it likely that your phone might only become necessary to play hands-on Angry Birds, but with the way support for Google Glass is going, it’s entirely possibly that the hit mobile game could be coming to Google Glass too.

Which features would you like to see on Google Glass? Let us know in the comments.

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