Remotte for Google Glass Looks for Funding on Kickstarter

Wearable devices are soon going to get their own accessories, as a company from California is looking to mass-produce the first remote control for Google Glass.

The big G seems to focus on the main product, while third parties are contemplating the creation of accessories for the Android-running smart glasses. “Why would a pair of smart glasses require a remote control?” I hear you ask. Well, the answer is pretty obvious: the remote control would do pretty much what every other remote control does – provide quick access to essential functions.

In Remotte’s case, the functions are split into three different modes: Glass Mode, Photo Mode and Multimedia Mode. This way, Remotte enables people wearing Google Glass to switch between different functions simply by pushing a button.

The hardware buttons and the touchpad (which can be either linear or circular) play various roles, depending on the selected mode. The scenarios in which such a remote control could prove useful are pretty variate. First of all, people who have certain disabilities that would otherwise prevent them from using Google Glass might enjoy these smart glasses when using them in tandem with this remote control.

Placing Remotte in a sterile bag could enable surgeons to use it while performing medical interventions. There are other cases when people cannot talk and their would rather get to the desired feature of Google Glass via hardware buttons.

These exact hardware buttons defeat the entire purpose of Google Glass, a bit. The smart glasses were intended by Google to provide a completely hands-free experience, but Remotte does not take that away. What this remote control does is to increase accessibility for a hi-tech product that many people could make use of. From this point of view, Remotte serves a slightly different goal.

A complete list of features is available in the following table, just in case you want to learn every single detail about a device before helping its developers turn it into reality.

As mentioned in the title, the developers of Remotte are looking to crowdfund their project on Kickstarter, in an attempt to push it towards mass-production. Are you interested in backing the project? Check the following table to see the tiers for various benefits.

You might also want to watch the following video, if you’re curios to see how Remotte looks like in action.

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