6 Must-Have Video Games Of All Time

In today’s generation, it’s certain that there are various of great-looking video games out there that feature unique and breathtaking storyline, genius quotations and plot twist endings. With this, if you are looking for the best video games of all time, the ones that let you ride a roller coaster of feels, I’ve got you covered!

Below are some of the must-have video games in your bucket list many of which are western releases that are available for gameplay in PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.

Having said that, take a look and let us know which video game you find most interesting:

1. Life Is Strange

Source: GameSpot On Youtube

Life is Strange is an award-winning single-player telltale game that lets the gamer to rewind time and control Max’s (main character) past, present, and future. The gameplay consists of friendship, betrayal, and aspects that you could learn in real life. When playing this game, make sure to ready your tissues, you’ll need it.

2. Walking Dead – Season 1, 2 & 3

Source: ReflKnight On Youtube

The Walking Dead was awarded ‘Game of the Year.’ Its series will leave you speechless time after time, the intense episodic game is truly unlike any other typical zombie games. The gameplay focuses more on the characters emotion and development rather than action, along with problem-solving than combat itself. In addition, it’s the first game from Telltale that uses the Playstation Move—indeed, it’s a must-have video game.

3. Limbo

Source: Playdead on Youtube

If you want a game that challenges your logical problem-solving skills with a touch of dark and depressing aura, Limbo is the right game for you. Limbo is a type of game that leaves you no answer, the storyline is up to you. It’s a puzzle-platform video game that is about afterlife condition in which a boy finds his way out of deathtraps. Even to this day, gamers talk about various self-explained theories behind the story of the game. It’s truly one of the must-have video games of all time.

4. Last of Us

Source: CNET on Youtube

Last of Us is an action shooter game that lets player control a brutal survivor named Joel, with a teenage girl named Ellie who is known to be wise beyond her years. Both of them on their journey to survive across the US.’

5. Witcher 3

Source: PC Games Hardware On Youtube

Witcher 3 is one of the breathtaking action role-playing video game out there. The gameplay is full of impactful consequences and meaningful choices. In the Witcher, you are given various tasks as a professional monster hunter. These tasks involves to explore forgotten caverns, to find a child of prophecy in merchant cities, and so much more. Even after finishing the game, you’ll ask for more.

6. Rocket League

Source: PlayStation On Youtube

Perhaps, you are looking for a truly must-have video games to play with someone. I’ve got you one that is something considered unique, soccer that meets driving. So, if you like cars and soccer, have this on your bucket list. It’s a physics-based sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Definitely, with playing this game, you won’t get tired of trying different strategies, pull-off incredible tactics, and do high-flying technique to score that goal and win against your friends!