7 Best Organizers For The Tidy Geek

Most techy and geeky people collect advanced gadgets and stuff that make our space untidy and messy at times. Of course, we would want to sort things out and organize so that we know how to pull up our gadgets when we need them. A simple organizing box is okay, but a true geek does not settle with this. We don’t allow our gadgets to be stored in an ordinary box. We need to have something that embodies our interest and adds personality to our space, or room for that matter. This is the reason why we all need organizers and containers to keep our space clutter-free! Here are the top suggestions that will blow your mind.

LEGO Storage Brick

2017 Best Storage LEGO Storage Brick

Remember all those days when your mom yells loud for stepping on a LEGO block lying on the floor? Relive your childhood memories by having this awesome organizer for you! It’s a durable plastic organizer that stores all your gadgets and gizmos in a striking and beautifully made large-sized LEGO block. It comes in various classic LEGO block colors, and you can also stack them like you used to when you got multiple storages! Have fun like a kid while making your space tidy and strikingly awesome!

Star Wars Droid Kitchen Container Set

2017 Best Organizers Star Wars Droid Kitchen Container Set

Give your kitchen the attitude boost it needs by having these beautiful containers! Star Wars fans will agree that nothing suits their kitchen best than these r2 d2 containers. Waking up to your coffee and other condiments have never been this fun before. You can also use to organize small gizmos you may have at home. Try it now and may the force be with you!

Star Wars Inspired “Rebel Spy” Jewelry box

2017 best orgabizer Star Wars inspired Emperial / "Rebel Spy" trinket / jewelry box

The rebel mark is only for the chosen few. Up your star wars fanatic game with this organizer canister with the Galactic Empire Insignia. It’s a trinket box/ organizer that measures around 3.5 x 5 inches that make a very cool addition to your star wars collection or as an organizer with the right personality to make your room or space stand out.

Pixel Chest Zelda Acrylic Plastic Box

2017 Best Organzers-Zelda bpx

With this jewelry/trinket organizer, you will also have a free necklace that goes with the package. Link and Princess Zelda is our all time favorites. It makes an excellent gift but is also a great addition to your room. This an exciting collectible for any gamers and kids at heart so that they can be reminded of their adventures with Zelda and Link as they grew up.

Westland Giftware Ceramic Cookie Jar

2017 Best Organizers: Joker cookie jar

Can you tell where’s the cookie? This cookie jar is perfect for fans of the dark knight or anyone who are enticed by the magnetism of the villains. Prepare fr your evil laugh during Holloween or keep it as a regular part of your Kitchen with the most personality. This cookie jar rocks and no further explanation needed.

Custom TARDIS Inspired Stash Jewelry Box

2017 Best Organizer- Phone Booth Jewelry Box

Fall in love with the high-quality and durability TARDIS organizer! If you love Dr-Who this is perfect for you. It’s perfect for kids and kids at heart.

Game of throne Jewelry Box

2017 Best Organizers: Game of throne Box

Going gaga over Game of Thrones? Well, we can’t blame you. If you can’t have enough of it, then at least have this organizer box in your room. It will keep you company while waiting for the next episode or season to be aired. Kidding. Place it in the living room and allow your fellow game of throne fanatic friends to be jealous.


These organizers reveal your interests and personality with just a look. It is fun to have these in your space to make it clutter-free yet stylish. It is also wide enough to fit most of your trinkets/gizmos and other stuff that clutter your room. This is a great way to show your interests and your love for creativity. Check these items out and you’ll love it for sure.