10 Coolest Xbox One Skins

Hey Xbox One owners! Tired of your old, boring, plain looking consoles? Want to spruce them up a bit? Well, take a look at this list of ten coolest Xbox One skins! These skins will make your consoles and controllers look a thousand times better. And if you don’t find anything you like here, take a look at this giant selection!

Xbox One Skin Frosted Frozen

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Frozen, is of course, the hit Disney film, but this cool skin has nothing to do with that. It’s just a cool, frosty, frozen skin. Ever wanted to pretend you’re playing video games in the freezing ice and snow? Well, maybe this skin will help you achieve that. (Though I must say you’re lucky if you haven’t gotten to experience winter lately. It’s pretty brutal where I live.)

Xbox One Galaxy Skins For Console And Controller Space Skin For Xbox One

I’ve always loved galaxy prints and designs. They make everything look a hundred times cooler almost instantly. I even once had a pair of galaxy print leggings, which needless to say, was probably a bit extreme of me and a definite fashion faux-paw. Anyway, this galaxy Xbox One skin is not a faux-paw, it’s pure awesomeness.

Space Invaders – Xbox One Controller – Vinyl Sticker Skin Cover Wrap Decal

You’ve probably heard of Space Invaders at some point. It was a huge arcade game back in the day, and is now a retro, nostalgic thing that I’m sure lots of hipsters like. I just really like the colors used in this controller skin, it’s so bright and fun. Even if you’re not much a Space Invaders fan, you’ll probably fall in love with this skin just like I did.

Real Wood Skin for Xbox One (wooden decal sticker)

I know the heading says “real” but before you think about how a skin could possibly be made of real wood, let me put those thoughts to rest. It is indeed not real wood, though it certainly looks real. I really like this simplistic, modern, sleek approach to a skin. It looks like something a classy fancy person would have in their home. It’s probably a bit more sophisticated than the galaxy skin I love so much.

Xbox One Retro Grid Controller Skin Wrap Custom decal sticker

In case you haven’t been able to see it yet, I’m quite the fan of retro looking stuff. If you comb through any of my other articles, you’ll probably find lots of retro products. There’s just something about the past that’s so much fun to me. I love how the grid on this controller skin looks like the one people used back in the 80s for the background of photos. Those pictures may look cringeworthy now, but this controller decal sure doesn’t.

Xbox One Skin Gold Flake

I love gold. Maybe it’s because I’m a poor college student and freelance writer, but gold always seems to be calling me. (It’s because I’m destined to be rich, right? That has to be it.) Joking aside, I like the gold color of this awesome skin, and I think it looks classy and not too tacky.

Xbox One Skin Great Britain British Flag

Probably everyone has had some kind of decoration related to the British flag at one point. It’s such a common thing, many of us most likely don’t even think about how it’s kind of strange that so many people like another country’s flag so much. How often do you see the Scottish flag used as decoration? Huh? That’s right, never. Nevertheless, the British flag is great and looks great as an Xbox One skin.

Xbox One Beach Skins For Console And Controller Water Skin For Xbox One

Relaxing right? Man, just looking at this skin makes me want to book a vacation to Hawaii. (Or play a video game that takes place on some tropical island.) It’s so pretty to look at, probably the prettiest on this list. The bright blue color is beautiful. (Can someone please take me on a vacation?)

Holographic Xbox One Controller Skin

Wow, this holographic skin reminds me of the future. It looks like something we’d see a century from now, when we have flying cars and stuff. (I know that probably won’t happen.) I love how this skin is just plain cool-looking.

XBOX ONE – Retro NES, Nintendo Console Sticker Skin Kit

Everyone loves Nintendo, or at least its classic console. Even if you’re an Xbox One owner, there’s a good chance you’ve played an NES game or two. Why not make your Xbox One console look like an NES? I think it would look pretty awesome.