7 Coolest Custom Video Game Controllers

Playing games can be a lot of fun. I am a fan of PC games mainly because I love to play around with the settings and get the best out of my system. But I enjoy playing games on the console too. It is great to lie back on the couch and play my favorite titles with my friends. Gaming on the console is incomplete without the game controller. But what if you wanted to take your experience to the next level? You should definitely get one of these 7 Best Video Game Inspired Game Controllers.

Assassin’s Creed Inspired Xbox One Controller


This Assassin’s Creed inspired Xbox One controller looks slick, to say the least. The controller has a beautiful paint job and the buttons and triggers are colored gold. There is also blood splatter on the right-hand side which looks realistic and the Assassin’s Creed symbol on the left-hand side as well as on the rear. The controller is made by NebulaCustomGaming and all their controllers are made to order and tested before shipping.

Custom Fallout Damaged inspired PS4 controller


Fallout is an amazing game that has a huge fan following. Fallout 4 is still one of my favorite games to date just because of the huge open world, a massive amount of customizations and great story line. This custom Fallout inspired PS4 controller looks rugged and just like it has been subjected to radiations. It has a dark shade of brown along with crack patterns and silver buttons to enhance the ruggedness. The right handle has the radiation symbol while the left handle houses ‘111’ which symbolizes the Vault number.

Custom Last of Us inspired PS4 controller


The Last of Us is one of the best survival games of all time and is still one of the bestselling games out there. The top-notch graphics combined with the thrilling story and ensemble voice and motion acting made it a must-buy. The custom Last of Us inspired PS4 controller looks slightly similar to the Fallout inspired controller, but the paint job is different with a combination of black, gray, red and orange. The buttons are silver and there are added details around the buttons as well as the analog sticks.

Deadpool Custom Video Game Controller


When you encounter the word ‘Deadpool’, the first color that comes to your mind is red. But this Deadpool inspired game controller comes in white with a lot of blood splatter and a picture of Deadpool himself. The movie was a huge success, thanks to an amazing performance by Ryan Reynolds. But did you know that the Deadpool game was also hugely popular? The game holds a rating of 9/10 from over 2000 reviews on Steam this controller is a must-have if you’re a fan of Deadpool.

Halo Inspired Hand-Painted Custom Controller


This is my second favorite controller on this list of the best video game inspired game controllers. I’ve never been a huge fan of Halo, mainly because there are not many Halo games on PC. I’d really like it if Microsoft released one for PC with next-gen graphics. This custom Halo inspired controller has a dark blue paint job which looks stunning. The thing that stands out the most is the electric blue detailing which is done on the top. There is also a Halo character on the left handle that adds to the looks.

Borderlands Hand-Painted Custom Controller


This has to be the best-looking video game inspired game controller on this list. It definitely is my favorite. I’m a huge fan of flashy colors and this might not appeal to everyone. The base color of this Borderlands inspired controller is a bright orange. The buttons are yellow and the analog sticks are black and the D-pad is a dark red. The right handle houses the Borderlands symbol and the left handle has the character from Borderlands. The paint job looks visually enticing. If you’re a fan of flashy colors as well as Borderlands, don’t think twice before getting this one.

Mad Max Controller


The last one on this list of the best video game inspired game controllers is a Mad Max inspired controller. The movie that won a lot of accolades, both in terms of acting as well as for the technical superiority. In my opinion, the Mad Max video game was one of my favorite open world games of 2015. The massive open world, customizable rides, superior combat system and the overall gameplay was superb. Things will get a little repetitive as you progress, but it is a winner nevertheless. The Mad Max inspired controller is simple and is metallic silver in color. The buttons are all silver except the D-pad which is black. There are tire treads on the left handle and a skull mark on the right handle. The rear side has a dialogue which says, ‘What a lovely day’!