37 Images of the Most Important Video Games Ever Made


Video games date back to the 1960s, but Pong (1972) was the first big breakthrough. Since then, every few years (or a few times in a year) comes along a title that redefines gaming or a specific genre. This is the story of the most important video games ever made, told through 37 images.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders, 1978: A game that is as simple as it gets. A 2D shooter with a ship firing a laser at descending aliens. The initial release was in black & white, later receiving a color treatment. It helped the video game industry deviate to the action-genre after the less fantastical pong-like games in the 70’s.

Space Invaders

Pac-Man, 1980: Another arcade game, this time launching the maze genre, becoming one of the biggest pop culture icons of the 1980s, and is credited for opening the world to new video game ideas, even such as GTA and sandbox games.