8 Best Folding Scooters For Easy Commuting

I personally do not own a folding scooter now, but I’ve used my friend’s folding scooter a long time back. I used to love commuting on it and it was really fun. Most of the earlier folding scooters require the rider to use their legs to power it, but the ones on this list are powered by top-notch motors. They are light, zippy and easy to carry around. So if you love folding scooters and are thinking of getting one, you must check out these 8 best folding scooters before making a decision.

CleveYoung cBike Folding Electric Scooter


The cBike folding electric scooter from CleveYoung looks amazing and performs even better. The list of features of this great folding scooter will make you go wow. It comes with disc brakes on both the front and rear tires. There is an LCD screen which displays important parameters regarding the scooter and there are other nifty features like a USB port for charging and a Bluetooth speaker. The folding scooter is IPX5 rated for water and dust resistance. Overall, it is undoubtedly one of the best folding scooters that you can buy.

TopMate Mini Electric Tricycle


This folding scooter from TopMate looks rugged and the frame is quite tough. The scooter itself is just 11 kg but has a bearing capacity of 120kg. Even the battery is super large at 18,650mAh and it will last for up to 35km. The TopMate Mini comes in three different colors and my favorite is the gray variant which looks stunning. This one has drum brakes and that too only for the front tire. Charging time is listed as three and a half hours, but expect a bit more than that for the large battery. The top speed is 20km/h which is pretty good for commuting short distances.

eByke Electric Folding Scooter


The eByke looks very similar to the cBike from CleaveYoung and most of the features are similar too. It comes with disc brakes on both the front and rear tires, has a Bluetooth speaker, a USB charging port, and even the LCD display which shows important parameters. The battery takes around 3 to 5 hours to charge and can run for nearly 20 miles. The top speed is around 24km/h which is excellent for commuting in the city.

Glion Dolly Folding Electric Scooter


If you want a folding scooter that looks simple and has a patented self-standing design, then the Dolly folding scooter from Glion will definitely impress you. It looks a lot like the earlier scooters that didn’t have an electric motor. It is built using aircraft grade aluminum which makes it impervious to rust. The scooter weighs 12.6kg and can reach speeds up to 25km/h. The battery requires around three and a half hours to charge completely and will run for 25km before running out of juice. The Glion Dolly folding scooter is one of the most elegant looking folding scooters on this list.

URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter


I was just describing how elegant the Dolly folding scooter looks. But this one looks flashy and futuristic. The URB-E Black Label folding scooter is from a new startup URB-E that looks to revolutionize urban transportation. The Black Label comes with a very cool design and can go up to 32km on a single charge. It takes about 4 hours to charge and reaches a top speed of 24km/h. Their chief designer is an award winning industrial designer and their lead engineer was a former lead engineer at Porsche. So you can expect the best of best when ordering the URB-E Black Label.

Swagger Electric Powered Scooter


This is another electric folding scooter that is simple in its design. The folding frame of this one is made of carbon fiber to make it extremely light yet strong. It weighs just over 7kg but can bear weights up to a hundred kilos. The top speed is also great at 24km/h and can go up to anywhere between 5 to 15 miles on a single charge. There is an LED control panel which displays the battery life, distance traveled and the gear at which the folding scooter is currently riding. Overall, it is a great looking folding scooter that performs just as well as it looks.

X-Bird Folding Electric Scooter


The X-Bird folding electric scooter is a monster in terms of looks. It weighs just a bit over 15kg but looks a lot more than that. The whole scooter is finished in matte black which looks exquisite. There are some really cool features like the electronic braking, never-flat front tire, and the retractable pegs. Both the front and rear tires have suspension for a smoother ride. There are battery and speed indicators along with 2 USB ports and a phone mount. Top speed is lower than some of the folding scooter mentioned here at 20km/h and it can go up to 24-48km on a single charge.

AutumnFall Mini Folding Electric Scooter


Last, but not the least, we have yet another elegant looking folding scooter. This one has a lower bearing capacity at 90kg. The frame is made of carbon fiber and the joints are reinforced steel. Depending on the rider’s weight, it can go up to 20-25km on a single charge and reach up to 25km/h in speed. There are bright LED lights in the front which is handy at night. Other features include a digital odometer with three different speed settings and massive battery which takes around 4 hours to charge.