WTF! Meet Licki a Bizarre Brush To Lick Your Cat

I remember seeing the Licki brush a few months ago and I was sure that it’s a prank or something. Imagine my surprise to see you can buy it on Amazon!.

You know how they say: One picture is worth 1000 words, so how much for a video?

Meet Licki, a bizarre cat crush that lets you lick your cat clean. Honest disclosure, I had a cat for 15 years. I loved her so much but sorry, I can’t imagine myself using this 🙂 I guess that some people must enjoy it, but sorry; still too weird to me. After my honest disclaimer, let talk about LICKI.


If you ever wanted to lick your kitten like a mama cat, or if you are licking your cat daily in the regular way ( who does that?!!?), your troubles are gone! Now you have Licki! If you are not like me and you think this product is cool, well here’s what you should know: The people behind Licki believes that by using this brush you become even closer and more intimate than ever before with your cat, and perhaps even save them the trouble of licking themselves, avoiding those nasty hairballs. The brush is made out of food-grade silicone, designed to feel pleasurable to a kitty’s sensitive skin. There are a few more months to go till Aprils’ fools but this can be one hell of a prank gift.


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