8 Best Key Finder Gadgets – Never Lose Your Keys Again!

Losing your keys is so easy and it can be a very annoying situation, especially if you don’t have any spare ones available. 


What if I told you that you will never have to worry about losing your keys ever again. This is the 21st century and there are gadgets that can help you find your lost keys in no time. Some of them emit loud noises if they are within a specified distance but some use GPS and Bluetooth to display information on your smartphone. Are you excited? I sure am, so let’s get started.

Xcellent Global Wireless RF Key Finder


The Xcellent Global Wireless key finder consists of 4 receivers a remote controller. It works within a range of 100 feet and emits a loud beeping sound along with flashing lights to make your life easier. The tracker works with CR2032 button cell batteries while the remote control works with a couple of AAA batteries. The AAA batteries are not included but they’ve included 8 CR2032 button cell batteries for the trackers. It is pretty easy to use. You attach the trackers on to your keys or valuables and if you lose them, press the corresponding button on your remote.

Click ‘n Dig! Key Finder


Click n’ Dig key finder also works just like the Xcellent Global Wireless RF key finder. It comes with two trackers colored blue and red. The remote comes with two buttons, one for each tracker. Click n’ Dig comes with a range of 60 feet that is said to penetrate walls and cushions. The trackers are pretty loud and produce sound at about 90-95 decibels.

KeyRinger XL Key Finder


KeyRinger XL comes in a pair and they can be used to call each other or can be called with the help of your PC, smartphone or tablet. The best thing about the KeyRinger XL is that it works within a range of 300 feet which is much more than similar key finders. It flashes and beeps to make locating it easier. They also provide a 90-day money back guarantee and 2 years warranty.

Where’s the Remote? Key Finder


Another key finder that is similar to the other ones on this list. Where’s the Remote? key finder comes with 4 receivers and a remote that are color coded. It has a range of 60-80 feet and emits sound with a loudness of about 85-90 decibels. Other added features include Velcro, double sided adhesive or a key ring attachment to easily attach it to your keys or other valuables.

Luxsure Smart Tag Nut 3 Key Finder


If you’re looking for something that looks classy and sleek, then the Luxsure Smart Tag Nut 3 key finder might impress you. It is designed almost like an imperfect square with a swirl design all over the top. It can be connected to your iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth. The Nut 3 also has the ability to use GPS to locate your stolen stuff. When using Bluetooth, it’ll disconnect itself and notify you once you have crossed the 30-meter mark.

Find One Find All Key Finder


The name of this product signifies the standout feature itself. Find One Find All key finder does not have a base transmitter. All of them are transmitters and if you have one with you, you can easily find the others. It comes in a set which contains a key finder and a flat wallet, which can be put inside your wallet. The great thing about it is that if you buy another set, it’ll work along with this one. You can buy 6 sets which can simultaneously work with one another. It has a shorter range when actually using it, about 20 feet to be precise, but it makes a loud beeping sound at about 90-95 decibels to get your attention.

AGPtek Key Finder


This one doesn’t look very impressive and is sort of the underperformer here. The AGPtek Finder comes with a set of five trackers and a remote control. It has a long battery life and a convenient design. The marketed sound output is 85 decibels, but users have complained about the lack of volume. The AGPtek Finder has an operating range of about 20 meters and considering its price of about 12 bucks, it is worthy of a mention on this list.

Tile Mate Key Finder


We kept the best one for the last. Tile Mate key finder is the improved version of the world’s bestselling GPS tracker, Tile. The Tile Mate is now 25% smaller and still provides all the functionalities of its predecessor. It can be used, either way, to find your smartphone or to find something onto which the Tile Mate is attached. If you ever lose your smartphone, simply press the button on the Tile Mate to make your smartphone start ringing. If you’ve lost your keys or any other valuables, simply press the button on your smartphone and Tile Mate will start beeping, if it is within the range obviously.