Top 10 Bloodborne T-Shirts

Bloodborne is a critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive. Released in 2015, it has since gone on to sell millions of copies and is considered one of the greatest PS4 titles.


In Bloodborne, you play as a character known as a “Hunter.” These hunters roam around the city of Yharnam, ridding the city of beasts. As the story unravels, many of Yharnam’s mysteries are revealed and Bloodborne’s story becomes increasingly fascinating. This is a game that you won’t be able to stop playing, no matter how frustrating its many bosses and even regular enemies can be.

If you’re a fan of Bloodborne, you’ll definitely want to check out these top ten t-shirts inspired by the brilliant game.

Bloodborne Hunter T-Shirt

You can’t go wrong with this t-shirt if you want people to know you’re a Bloodborne fan. With the game’s title printed on the shirt and the iconic hunter image, everyone will recognize your love for this wonderful game.

Bloodborne Blood Echo T-Shirt

This is a great shirt if you’re both a Bloodborne and an Adventure Time fan. One is a gritty, action RPG, with horror elements, and the other, is a lighthearted, comical cartoon. Combine the two together and you’ve got a pretty sweet t-shirt.

Bloodborne Blood Moon T-Shirt

For those beer drinkers out there, you’ll probably immediately recognize Blue Moon’s logo, except this time, instead of Blue Moon, it’s Blood Moon. Relax, crack open a beer, and play Bloodborne. (Or maybe skip the beer part, you’ve got to be sober if you even want to attempt a game like Bloodborne.)

Bloodborne Brainsucker T-Shirt

The brainsuckers are my least favorite enemy in the entire game. I’ve died to them more than I have to certain bosses. They’re incredibly frustrating, but when you finally kill one, it’s one of the most satisfying feelings. Wear one of these bad boys and show ’em what you’re made of! (Or die a thousand times and lose all your insight like me.)

Bloodborne Father Gascoigne T-Shirt

Good old Papa G, is one of the first bosses in the game, and the first mandatory boss. He’s definitely not as easy as you’d expect an early game boss to be, but remember, this is Bloodborne, and never at any point, is it really “easy.” Father Gascoigne is an awesome fight though, and your first taste of what fighting another hunter is like. He’ll probably kill you a few times, but conquering him is so much fun.

Bloodborne “Fear the Old Blood” T-Shirt

Featuring the character, Eileen the Crow, this t-shirt’s message will become clearer the farther you delve into Bloodborne’s adventure. Not only should you fear the old blood, you should basically fear all of the blood. Especially when enemies start shooting it at you. Sooo unfair.

Bloodborne “Grant Us Eyes” T-Shirt

If you’ve gotten far enough into the game, you will have encountered some figures with very odd cages on their heads. Your first thought was probably, “that looks stupid,” which it does, but if you study the lore behind it, suddenly you’ll think, “Omg this game is amazing.” Next Halloween, I expect to see a cage on your head, or I suppose this shirt will suffice.

Bloodborne Doll T-Shirt

The doll is one of the few genuinely good characters in this game, and she’s not even really alive. (Or is she?) You’ll love her, for she is the one who grants you precious level-ups, and helps you get through this bloody and difficult game. She’s also super adorable and cute, why wouldn’t you want to walk around wearing a picture of her?

Bloodborne Madman’s Knowledge T-Shirt

Madman’s Knowledge is an item pickup in the game that grants you with insight, a very useful tool for beating certain bosses. If the brainsuckers get to you enough, you’ll probably lose your insight and Madman’s Knowledge will provide you with some more. (Screw those brainsuckers.)

Bloodborne Hunter’s Dream T-Shirt

The Hunter’s Dream is the only safe haven in the entire game, and your source for items, level-ups, and weapon upgrades. You’re going to be spending a lot of time here with its inhabitants, the doll, and Gehrman, a wheelchair bound hunter. They’ll quickly become some of your few friends in the desolate world of Bloodborne, so feel their comfort with this t-shirt!

Hopefully, you’ve found some of these t-shirts to be fun and cool. Remember to check out more! There’s so many great t-shirts out there, you’ll be bound to find the perfect one for you!