85-inch 3D Plasma Costs $1,000 Per Inch

In an era of big TVs and the increasing popularity of 3D, Bang & Olufsen have introduced what might be the biggest 3D TV there is to date.  Measuring at a monstrous 85-inches, the screen is plasma and full 3D 1080p capable.

This impressive size and these incredible features do come at a price though.  The 85″ screen, also known as the BeoVision 4-85, will set you back $85,000.  With such a price tag you might be wondering what you get for your buck.  Bang & Olufsen are a luxurious and stylish production company and they aim to impress.

The BeoVision comes with a motorized stand, a Beo6 remote that has a built in LCD display, and custom colors.  Even though the luxurious, market valued screen may be out of most peoples budget range, the president of the B&O America stated that a significant part of the company’s consumers are high-end wealthy customers that are furnishing multiple homes. Given the sleek and stylish design, it might make sense for someone in that particular market.  However, the system doesn’t just put out impressive picture, it also puts out impressive sound.  The built-in BeoLab 10 gives crisp and clear highs and lows.  Combine the set with B&O’s BeoLab 9 and 5 surround sound system, the sound will satisfy your audio craves.  As impressive as the visual and sound are is the weight.  The anodized aluminum set weighs in at 359.6 pounds.  Combining that weight with that of the motorized stand, the weight becomes just slightly more than half a ton.  The stand can raise and lower the screen and as the screen is raised to viewing height, the built-in channel speaker elegantly emerges from beneath the screen.

The stand can pan 20 degrees in either direction and give a 4 degree tilt forward or back.  One of the biggest concerns though is the fact that this $85k investment is a plasma screen, and as everyone knows, they tend to fade with age.  With this set, you pay for what you get, and what you get is impressive.

To take care of the fading problem, the system includes an automatic colour management system.  This is a tiny camera-bearing robotic arm that will emerge every 100 hours to calibrate the screen.  This gives the life of the screen an age of roughly 60,000 hours.  So if you’re into big screens, love 3D, and just so happen to be a snowbird with multiple estates, then this system may be for you.

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Via: Sound & Vision magazine / Bang & Olufsen