CleanText: A Swiss Army Knife for Words

Even the best writers make mistakes. That’s why smart ones try to find good editors. If there aren’t any convenient human editors around, we can attempt to enlist computer help, such as with CleanHaven.

CleanHaven is a really neat free Application that’s a Swiss Army Knife for the written word. The features in this program completely blow away every spelling and grammar checker I’ve ever encountered. It’s made by the U.K.-based Holy Mackerel Software.

Just type or paste text into the window, and you can do just about anything you’d ever want with it. When you’ve selected your options, hit the “Clean” button. CleanHaven thoughtfully displays the “cleaned” text in another window, which you can paste into a document or email.

The options case alone are you can change case to Title Case, lowercase, invert case, and quotes as well as the standard upper and lowe case.

You can sort in ascending order, descending order, case sensitive, numerical order, random sort, and reverse order.

Duplicate words are the bane of any writer. CleanHaven lets you remove duplicates, show only duplicates, or even show only unique words.

You can remove excess-spaces, tabs, all ASCII, non ASCII, excess returns, HTML , convert hyphens to en-and-em-dashes, periods and punctuation, amonf others.

You can convert email addresses to clickable URLs, combine columns, combine paragraphs, insert salutations, and even look up U.K. postcodes in this application.

For real geeks, one of the coolest features is the “Info” drop-down box. You can see word frequency, correct spellings, incorrect spellings, an HTML conversion table, the text as binary, and the text as ASCII. You can even view the hexadecimal values for your text. All of these can come in handy for program

You can also do search and replace operations, starting at either the end or the beginning of the text.

It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Via: Holy Mackerel Software/One Thing Well/GigaOm