A new iPhone 6 with improved front camera might be underways

After some users found incriminating lines of code in the new iOS 9, outlets around the web are now theorizing a a new iPhone 6 with improved camera might be underways. But that’s not all, as these lines of code also suggest slow-motion and flash incorporated along these new features.

iPhone 6 - 1

After Twitter user Hamza Sood found a few lines of code that interested him inside of the latest iOS 9 beta, the web started speculating about the possibility of Apple upgrading the iPhone 6’s front camera on a new version coming in the near future. This is likely going to be an eventual iPhone 6s o 6 Plus, where the device’s front camera will be capable of recording at 1080p, or in 720 in slow motion. Also, they might finally add flash, but this is more speculation than cetainty in any case. Regardless, it’s not too out there considering the world is going through a selfie phase which doesn’t look like it will end soon.

When it comes to panoramic selfies, that is something we had already seen on Samsung’s Galaxy S, and it might be useful when trying to take a picture of a big group of friends, or when travelling, if we need a picture of the landscape behind us.

iPhone 6 - 2

All of these features are already available on the current iPhone 6 models, but reserved to the back camera, as it is more powerful than the front one – yet this all might change in an eventual new version. With the selfies growing in popularity, it would make sense for front cameras to improve and attempt to achieve some parity with the back cameras.

Recent rumors claim the iPhone’s main camera could increase from 8 megapixels to 12 or even 13. This version, that started circulating after Sood’s discovery, gained some traction as it would make sense to improve both cameras instead of just one. Now, keep in mind more megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, only more resolution, but a lot of users pay close attention to this as an indicator of quality when it comes to smartphones.

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