Huawei TalkBand B2 Hybrid Wristband Focuses on Conversations

Wearables that permit communication either include a SIM slot, or simply rely on the Bluetooth connection to convey audio, while also making wearers look like spies. Huawei took a different approach with TalkBand B2, which as its name suggests, is a hybrid between a smart wristband and a Bluetooth headset.

As an established smartphone manufacturer, Huawei has accustomed its customers with high quality products, both in terms of performance and design. At first glance, TalkBand B2 may look just like any other well-designed wearable, but upon closer examination the innovations become apparent. Huawei has created a hybrid smartband with some additional functionality. More precisely, the part of the wristband that includes the display can be detached from its support, and can be used as a Bluetooth headset. That way, you can enjoy using the device as a wearable, with all the benefits that come from that, but at the same time, you can be sure that audio quality will be exquisite when placing or receiving calls.

Needless to say, TalkBand B2 packs all the functions you would come to expect in a wearable, and then some more. It displays time, monitors sleep, acts as a silent alarm clock (thanks to the included vibration motor), counts steps and can receive notifications from smartphones. Besides that, it features a double mic noise reduction algorithm that makes calls sound clear.

Huawei’s wristband can even simultaneously connect to two smartphones. When it comes to fitness tracking, the built-in six-axis sensor can tell between walking, running, cycling and other sports, fact that makes the whole process very accurate.

When used with Android 5.0 devices, the TalkBand B2 can be added as a trusted device, allowing users to lock or unlock the smartphone with just one tap.

As if all of these features weren’t enough, the Huawei’s hybrid wristband is also water resistant, being IP57 certified. However, the manufacturer recommends wiping it dry upon using in the rain or washing hands.

The 90mAh battery may not sounds like much, but according to Huawei, that’s enough to keep the device running for up to 12 days.

Huawei TalkBand B2 is currently available on GearBest in gold ($210.56, or $155.99 with the coupon code GBB2L), black and silver ($181.63 for either of them, or $134.99 with the coupon code GBB2). Considering the build quality and the innovative functionality of this hybrid wristband, I’d say that the device is well worth the price.

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