Abbott’s Coronavirus Test Offers Results in Five Minutes

Coronavirus Test

The FDA just approved the coronavirus test launched by Abbott. The test is expected to deliver results in just five minutes. Such a short period of testing makes it very feasible to be used at airports, hospitals, and even by law enforcement agencies.

The world is currently reeling under the effects of the coronavirus. Testing people is paramount to stopping the infection from exploding across borders. Scientists and doctors are not able to detect infections with the coronavirus quickly with the currently available tests. Most of the existing tests take a lot of time, and screening people who arrive at airports or at hospitals has become increasingly difficult. The sooner the authorities are able to test people, the better it is for the society in large. 

Abbott launches new and quick coronavirus test

The new test by Abbott is portable and uses molecular technology to deliver coronavirus results in just five minutes. The positive result takes five minutes while the negative result takes 13 minutes. 

Governments across the world are scrambling to purchase test kits to meet the demands of their own citizens. Currently, countries like Italy, Spain, and India are importing test kits from China. Both Italy and Spain have accused China of delivering subpar quality testing kits. Abbott’s coronavirus test could be a game changer if the positive and negative results are quick and reliable. 

What is the solution?

Thousands of people are dying every day across the world due to the coronavirus. Testing people as and when they present themselves at public places is the only strategy that will work. Unfortunately, most governments are finding it difficult in the current situation. While there are tests available, the results take a lot of time and using such tests is just not feasible. 

Abbott’s new test is the answer that we need to battle the coronavirus. In the coming months, governments can quickly test patients who might arrive with an elevated temperature at airports, railway stations and bus stations. Locking down entire cities and countries will only work when authorities test citizens actively for infections. This new test gives one hope that the pandemic will come to a halt slowly but surely.