Thanko Electric Bento Cooker Prepares Rice Anywhere

Thanko Electric Bento Cooker
Image: Thanko

People across the world enjoy eating fresh hot steaming rice but it is not always possible. This Thanko  electric Bento cooker is made for those who want to cook just a single serving of rice while on the go. It can be used while traveling, or even at office. It does not let out steam, or make any sounds while cooking rice. A simple LED light glows to indicate that the rice is cooked and is ready to be eaten. This electric Bento cooker is made specifically for single people who do not have to cook for a lot of people. 

What are the features of the cooker?

Thanko Electric Bento Cooker
Image: Thanko
  • It’s very compact and can be easily carried in a bag inconspicuously 
  • It looks stylish and has an elegant and attractive design
  • It weighs only two pounds, and is not heavy for anybody to carry around
  • The Thanko electric Bento cooker comes with a measuring cup that prepares six ounces of rice, which is a lot for one person anyway
  • It makes for the perfect gift for a rice lover

Here is how to use Thanko electric Bento cooker

  • Measure rice in the measuring cup and add it into the Bento cooker
  • Half scoop of the measuring cup makes 3 ounces of rice. A full scoop makes 6 ounces of rice. 
  • Pour water into the cooker, and plug it in
  • In 14 minutes, half portion of rice will be cooked. In 20 minutes, an entire scoop will be cooked
  • Color-changing LED indicates when the rice is cooked
  • One needs to be careful not to burn their tongue while eating steaming rice

Thanko electric Bento cooker is the perfect gift

The Thanko electric Bento cooker is great for eating from it directly. The most important features of this cooker are that it is compact, non-intrusive, and stylish. One can avoid purchasing extra plates or bowls, and having to wash them after eating. The device costs $65, and is quite pricey. However, it is a great device and is perfect for anyone who works and longs for fresh and steaming hot rice. After all, most societies in the world are fond of rice, and this gadget can be gifted to anyone who likes eating rice on the go.