The Abraham Lincoln Book Tower

How many books have been written about Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States? We don’t have the exact number, but it’s more than 16,000. Well, not all of the books, but almost all of them, 15,000 to be exact, were used to construct a 34 feet book tower as a tribute to the most popular American president of all time.

February 20th is President’s day, whether you remembered or not (and most people don’t, usually), and at the Ford’s Theater Center for Education and Leadership in Washington, they weren’t planning on letting the date go unnoticed. So what do you do? Build a tower out of 15,000 books for your favorite president, which rises almost 11 meters high, for you metric system lovers.

The theater is located right across the street from the Petersen House, where Lincoln was taken to after John Wilkes Booth’s successful assassination attempt. Lincoln was in a coma for nine hours at the place before pronounced officially deceased.

The book tower spectacle, besides being a thing of beauty on his own, shaped like a cylinder (as you can or can’t see from the pictures), placed in the middle of a spiral staircase in the lobby of the Theater, will probably act as a promotional tool for the Abraham Lincoln museum located nearby.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a 3D horror film, will be coming out this summer. Make sure to take your kids to see some actual stuff about Lincoln at Ford’s Theater or the museum nearby, because don’t be surprised if 20 years from people actually think that he really was just a vampire hunter, moonlighting as an American president during the Civil War.