R2-D2 Still Life

Just about every artist has done a still life. But not every artist has done a still life based on Star Wars.

That’s what Dave Steyrd has done. This cool piece of geeky art comes to use from Technabob via Steyrd’s Etsy store.

Instead of the boring old bowl of fruit, he’s used R2-D2’s head as the bowl. Along with the fruit, there’s a bottle of Aunt Beru’s weird blue milk. To round out the composition, there’s a lightsaber in the painting. You can get a print at $15 each. It’s titled, appropriately enough. “Still Life (with Blue Milk).” It’s still a little disconcerting to see R2-D2’s severed head on the table, though.

R2-D2 still life

Steyrd said that it had been a long time since he had done a still life, but he thought they were boring, so he went with this cool Star Wars, themed painting instead.

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