Mini LEGO Angry Birds

Angry Birds might be the Tetris of our time, in the sense that it’s a video game for people who don’t usually play games. One person has combined this pop cultural phenomenon with LEGO, creating some mini Lego Angry Birds.

These LEGO birds come to us from Ian Heath of Redmond Washington, known as Ochre Jelly on Flickr. The most popular birds are here, including red, yellow, and blue. The green pig rounds out the ensemble. I wonder if there’s a LEGO slingshot where you can launch the birds into the pig. “This is not an official LEGO set yet. BUT IT COULD BE!” he says.


Better yet, you can build these yourself. Here’s a diagram for building the red Angry Bird:

LEGO Red Angry Bird diagram

If you have any doubt how much Angry Birds has penetrated our culture, check out our post on some injured Angry Birds fan artwork. If you have a layover in the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in Findland, why not visit the Angry Birds store there?