10 Creative Adaptations for Boba Fett’s Helmet

Geeky creativity is great, but if it’s something directed at a charity event it’s even better, with Boba Fett and Clone Trooper helmets exhibited at Star Wars: Celebration VI and late sold on eBay, with the benefits going to Make-A-Wish foundation.

As expected, the re-imaginations didn’t come out of thin air, with the artists and designing groups using video games like Skyrim as inspiration, as well as movies like 300 and total recall or comic book multimedia franchises like Ironman.

Game of Clones

Mars Visions – Mythosaur Hunter

Alex Alva – Iron Fett

Chris Trevas – Retro Robot

Max Cervantes – Mandalorian 300

Alex Buechel – Honons Gladius Fortis

Kotobukiya – Musha Boba

Volpin Props – Dovah Fett

Tom Spina Designs – Boba Recall

Thomas Spanos – HRG Trooper