AERO E: Blowing Charge into your Cellphone

Next time there is a strong gale of wind let your device charging worries also blow away with the same. Thanks to the new concept design of the Aero E by Lance Cassidy. You can call this a wind powered generator that promises to work amazingly with all your wireless hand held devices, especially your mobile phones.

As soon as the mobile phone appeared on the scene it became a necessary object to possess. Each household has at least the same number of mobile as the number of family members, sometimes even more than that. With the mobile phone is required a charger. Chargers have been designed and produced for various locations. Even when you are on the go you have every facility to charge your mobiles and stay in touch.

Now comes along a brand new and eco-friendly concept of a charger. The Aero E was designed by Lance Cassidy. This one is sure to bring a smile on the face of all those supporting green energy. It is a simple device that converts the outside wind energy into electricity and transfers through induction to the charging pad placed indoors. Sounds very hi-tech? Not exactly!

Along a rotating shaft are placed two opposite facing turbine blades. This is attached to a flat adhesion tape that is stuck to the glass of the window from the outside. To this is attached the charger that stores energy and later transfers it. On the other side of the window, indoors, is placed a charging pad. When the wind blows, the turbine blades move producing energy. This energy is converted to electricity and transferred to the charging plate. When you need to charge your device you need to place it on this charging pad. Cassidy has made ample arrangements for charging with this device as he has taken care to design an application that can help connect the two devices.

Like any other modern day device this one too has a sleek and designer look that you can flaunt. It can be a cause of envy for all neighbors as well. Not only will you be saving some amount of electricity but creating your very own to charge your device.

The idea of using wind energy to convert into electricity has been around since decades and is being used all over the world. This is just one more addition in to the list of devices using wind energy. The Aero E may be a small device, but if the concept catches on, it is sure to be used to every household.

Great outcomes are a result of great ideas and one such concept is AERO E. I would also suggest you to go  through the articles of MintyBoost Charger DIY Kit and Rocsta Hybrid Charger.