Because There’s Never Enough, More Steampunk Star Wars Figurines!

There are some things that are sacred for geek culture. You might like classic movies, chiptune music, or comic books, but there’s usually a universal: geeks love both Star Wars and Steampunk. Not long ago, we published a post where some characters of the movie saga were illustrated in Steampunk Aesthetics and we liked it so much that we started to investigate and go deeper on the subject. Then we found Sillof’‘s work, a non-professional artisan and craftsmith responsible for many other works inspired by the Star Wars Universe, with Wild West or Samurai Themes.

Steampunk Heroes

This steampunk artwork in particular is surprising because of how natural it feels. It’s as if the movie saga had always been like this, or was just waiting for someone to recreate it this way to show its whole potential. C-3PO and R2-D2 are developed in such a creative way, with attention to every detail, while Obi-Wan’s armor is every geek’s dream.

Also brilliant are Luke (who seems to be based on Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII) and Han Solo (who looks like Setzer Gabbiani from Final Fantasy VI). You can really appreciate the attention to detail Sillof has put in this work, like putting a cable on Luke’s sword as a power source, or all of the details put in Leah’s blaster.

Steampunk baddies

The villains’ side is also very well made, and it’s great to see what happens when, for example, you eliminate the Samurai influences behind Darth Vader’s design, and you leave it as just a character inspired by the Prussian armies. The details on Darth Vader’s coat, and the design on the Stormtroopers’ armor are faithful to the steampunk tradition, and raise the bar on this creation. Despite that, the best part is the incorporation of gas masks instead of the classic helmets. Simply exquisite.


Just so no one thinks that the original movie is the only one getting love, Sillof has also represented every incarnation of the Storm Troopers that can be seen throughout the saga. You can clearly distinguish the design of the Storm Troopers in Endor’s moon, the Emperor’s guards, or the ones inside Death Star.


I could ramble on and on for a whole paragraph explaining what makes these designs and re-imagining so awesome, but I’m only gonna say this: this is the coolest Boba Fett I’ve ever seen.

Jabba's court Steampunk

The fans would’ve been pissed off if the Jabba’s Court scene hadn’t been represented in here, for it’s one of the most beloved scenes of the whole saga. Although it’s weird seeing Jabba with legs, the character is as grotesque as the original. Also, and this is impossible to omit, Leah’s suit. Sure, it might not be as revealing as the “Return of the Jedi” one, but it’s so stylish that we can not only forgive it, but applaud it too.

As final piece of this set, we can see the Emperor on his throne, surrounded by his loyal guards. This version seems more energetic and vital compared to the original character, but it is also fitting.

Fans might argue that Sillof’s work is purely fan service, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This series of 32 figurines, which can be appreciated at his website, was started in 2005, before Steampunk was found everywhere on the Internet, so the artist gets creativity points. We recommend visiting his site to see more images or check if any of the figurines go up on auctions in eBay.

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