Click Photo through Citybook Photo Booth

Would you like to take personalized pictures and get connected to web applications too? With concepts like City Book Photo Booth, it is certainly no longer a dream! This is a ticket machine that prints pictures for you without any additional cost. The Photo Booth also provides personalized pictures if you need any. In fact, these machines have great applications for exhibitions too.

This City book Photo Booth was designed by Joris Van Briel and the acclaimed Holocube team at Belgium. Cash machines were the inspiration behind the design and creation of these City Book photo booths. Yet again, these photo booths are made of aluminum. The machine is well equipped with touch screens, a full color ticket printer and of course, a computer. These sleek ticket machines are manufactured in two colors- black or white. When it comes to price, these are reasonably available at five thousand nine hundred and fifty euros.

The City book photo booths are the perfect solution for you to get great pictures of each guest for events such as parties and weddings. Invited guests can just hop in, push a button and in minutes, the ticket machine takes beautiful prints in either color or black and white, as you like it.

Everyone can get a unique chance to take away a memento of their own of the event and you too get to have a copy of the photos after the party is over, so that you can glean or have a glimpse as to the fun that transpired at your most important day. You can’t be everywhere all at once, and hence, these pictures are a great idea to get to know what transpired at the different occasions, and how the guests had fun.

You can make your events unique with this amazing City Book photo booth. This is a fantastic idea to get whacky, crazy photos. In fact, it helps your guests to let go themselves, immerse in fun and capture memorable pictures of each other – whether it be a wedding, bar/ bat mitzvah, birthday party or any special event.

This city book photo booth is an undeniable and absolutely mind boggling piece of technology   from Holocube.”Thanks to Manu for the tip!” It also proves that taking mementos and photos at real events can be absolutely joyous and great fun. Have loads of fun with the city book photo booth and preserve memories for posterity.

You can certainly can’t give this technology a miss! However, you should go through Bizarre Phone Booth designs as well to understand innovation. And if that doesn’t get the party started, you always have the funky techno chicken dance to fall back on.