Barisieur: Alarm clock brews your coffee, and it’s delicious

You know how quirky scientists in cartoons and sci-fi always have a machine that has coffee ready as soon as they wake up? Well, you’re officially living in the future now.


Meet “The Barisieur”, a brilliant creation by industrial designer Josh Renouf. He first showed it to the world at the New Designers 2014 exhibition, where it proved to be a great success. The Barisieur is a standard digital alarm clock with a twist: the top has a series of chemistry lab type tubes capable of blowing hot water out via induction heating, and then use it along ground coffee to prepare the essential drink to start the day. The Barisieur just drops the coffee in a stainless steel filter and then onto a glass mug on the other side. The Barisieur is capable of adding cream and a drawer of sugar, though, so be ready to spice things up to your liking. Users just got to leave everything ready at night, and will wake up to the smell of hot coffee every day.


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