Aleph Brings Back the Glory of 2D RPG Games of the 80s

Final Fantasy series, Ultimas, Dragon Quests, and Zeldas were some of the earliest ROGs that we all grew up playing during the 80s and early 90s. Thus, the RPG games hold a special place in our hearts.

In order to revive the RPG medium and to instil a bit of modern technology, a Video Games project in Hadley, MA by PVGames has been announced. The game combines nostalgic elements from the RPG games, and also include top-notch robust 2D sprite engine. They have not used 3D deliberately, because the game does not require a 3D factor to deliver high-quality graphics and music.

The idea was to combine the old and the new, and bring back the nostalgia of the 80s and early 90s which seasoned gamers feel for. Aleph, the game concentrates on a parallel world where the inhabitants are highly interactive. you would get to nurture the world of Aleph and also interact with the inhabitants and gain knowledge about the terrain and the environment.

The world of Aleph is usually under attack from ‘bad guys’ who are always hell bent upon destroying the peace and calm of the place. Your job would be to hunt for these guys, and also use the ‘library’ in which you would get information about attacking these guys. Just like all old video games, Aleph would come with a book too, which would be a sort of manual told from the perspective of a character in the video game.

The creators of the game have tried in every possible way to mimic old video games, and give them a modernist touch. At the moment, the developers are looking for funding which is required to pay the music producer, and other guys who have worked hard enough.

If you like the concept, you could go ahead and pledge a buck or a little more, so that Aleph can be played n our consoles. You could also take a look at the New Contra Game and the Virtual Villagers, which offer great interactive features. too.