Iron Man Goes to Work

Few things are more impressive than going to work dressed up as a superhero. Fortunately, some people have the courage to take such challenges.

Wang Kang, a telecom worker from Shanghai, China, decided to do just that. He dressed up in an Iron Man costume he had designed over a few months and showed up at work. The reaction of his colleagues was rather predictable. Wang declared: “No colleagues knew my mission, and some of them froze there in seeing me approach. Some were even screaming for being scared.” After revealing his identity, he was praised by his boss and some female co-workers fell in love with him irremediably. This is rather nice, because in other countries he might as well have gotten fired.

Making this costume took Wang not less than three months. The ending result weighs around 50 kilos. Under such circumstances, running around (and presumably flying) is rather impossible while wearing such a costume. Not at last, Wang also admitted that he also had some problems with the security staff, who would not let him enter the building.

By now, Wang is already a celebrity in China as he has become famous both on Youtube and Weibo, which is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. There are still some mysteries about this costume. The manufacturing process and the materials have not been disclosed. Moreover, Wang did not say anything about the future of this costume and about the possible ways of improving it.

The video below show Wang Kang in his Iron Man costume moving around on the corridors of the company he works at. Also, you can see how many of his colleagues took out their cameras and started taking photos of him in the parking lot. After all, you do not get to work everyday with someone like the Iron Man.

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