The AliveCor iPhone ECG: An EKG Machine in Your Pocket

The iPhone 4 is a remarkable piece of mobile technology that combines eye-catching aesthetics with stunning technology. With the ever-expanding world of Apple apps, the iPhone 4 is capable of doing just about anything under the sun.  The latest technological feat achieved by the fourth generation of iPhones is that it can be used as a portable electrocardiogram (ECG) to monitor your heart rate.

ECG machines are usually found in the intensive care units of hospitals.  They are square, white machines that are attached to a patient via chords. An ECG machine monitors the heart rate of an individual, which is displayed in the form of P waves on printed paper.

Lifetone Technology has developed a sleek, portable case that fits on to the back of an Iphone 4 and converts it into an ECG machine. The AliveCor iPhone ECG is a rectangular, white colored case that can wirelessly monitor your heart rate. Two steel colored electrodes are placed in the centre of the portable ECG that tracks the heart rate.

The biggest advantage of the AliveCor iPhone ECG is that it is easy to use and an ordinary person can read the results as well. Before you use the wireless ECG case to read your heart rate, it is imperative that you clean the case thoroughly with a cotton swab. This would remove the risk of any infestation resulting from bacteria on the phone.

After the case is cleaned and snapped on to the phone, the user activates the ECG app on their phone. Next, the user could either place the mobile device on their chest or place their thumbs on the electrodes for a reading. The P Waves along with the heat rate are displayed on the monitor of the iPhone.

The AliveCor iPhone ECG case is a vet handy device that can be used to monitor heart rates anywhere anytime.

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Via: Mobile Crunch