Functional iPad Case: ZAGGmate with Keyboard [CES 2011]

iPad cases are dime a dozen, but then sometimes we do run into certain cases that stand apart from the rest. ZAGGmate iPad Case is one such product that stands apart and woos you with its impeccable design and technology.

Firstly, the ZAGGmate is built of aircraft-grade aluminium which is very sturdy, durable and expensive. The ZAGGmate iPad case comes with a bead-blasted, anodized finish which is similar to that of the iPad itself. Even if you drop the iPad, the ZAGGmate will make sure there is no damage done to the device thanks to its military grade high-density padding. The ZAGGmate comes in two versions, which include the keyboard version and the non-keyboard version.

The ZAGGmate with keyboard uses Bluetooth technology to allow technological dinosaurs to use a physical keyboard to type. It is worth noting that many of us are still not comfortable using a touchscreen keypad to type. The embedded wireless Bluetooth physical keyboard is just right for those dinos who would love to use iPad as efficiently as everyone else.

For those of us who do not need a physical keyboard, ZAGGmate comes in a non-keyboard version as well and the highlight of this model is the innovative hinge which provides 10 angles for typing and viewing. The different angles consist of both the portrait and landscape modes. The ZAGGmate iPad case is thin, stylish and does not add ‘visual noise’ to one of the most stylish Apple products ever manufactured. Once you get the ZAGGmate, you might find it difficult to use your iPad without it.

The ZAGGmate with keyboard costs $99.99 and the one without the keyboard costs $66.99. The sleek case was announced at the CES 2011, in Las Vegas. You could also check out the 5-in-1 iPad Case which is quite promising. ClamCase for iPad is a stylish solution to take care of your iPad.