World’s Largest Alpona in Bangladesh

If you have ever visited South Asia, you might have noticed colorful designs laid out in front of houses, temples and public places.

It is known as a ‘Rangoli’ or an ‘Alpona’ depending on which part you are travelling in the sub-continent. The world’s largest Alpona has been laid out in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The Alpona was laid out by more than 200 artists in order to celebrate the Bengali New Year. Alpona designs usually are geometric in nature, which tend to symbolize the harmony and pattern of the Universe.

Alpona artists do not have formal training and they are laid out by laymen and women who love colors. It usually takes just a few hours to create these designs and artists use fine powdery substances that come in different colors, in order to create Alponas. Alpona can be used as street art to promote community well-being and to get people to interact with other and indulge in some group art activity.

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