Wishing Our Readers a Happy Diwali

Diwali or Deepawali is an Indian festival that is celebrated by most people in the country. It is known as the ‘festival of light’ and is celebrated to rejoice the conquering of darkness by ‘light’.

The essence of the festival is to celebrate the precedence of goodness over evil and of light over darkness. The festival involves exchanging sweets, lighting firecrackers and fireworks both, and shopping a lot. It is widely celebrated all over India and in places where Indians live. The advent of LEDs and other lighting technologies and devices have helped people to celebrate the festival of light in geekier ways.

At Walyou we wish you a happy Diwali and encourage you to continue your fight against darkness by lighting lamps and candles. You could also take a look at other festivals that celebrate light like the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Hanukkah is a Jewish festival, which is known for its beautiful lamps called ‘Menorah’. You could take a look at some of the coolest Hanukkah Menorah we have ever came across.

If you are curious about this colorful and bright festival, you could walk to the nearest Indian community or restaurant, and you would surely be able to find savories, sweets and decorations that are essentially Diwali-esque in nature. You would not only learn about new cultures and traditions, but will also be able to eat some of the tastiest sweets and savories, which look and taste exotic. You can have a little Diwali of your own by lighting lamps, candles or LEDs and vow to fight the darkness in your life or in your mind.

Sometimes, you may not want to fight darkness, but just complement it by adding a glimmer of brightness in the form of a candle. In fact that is a rather wise way of looking at things, as accepting darkness and complementing it with elements of brightness is what life is all about, metaphorically. If you know more about this festival, or if you have experienced Diwali celebrations ever in your life, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

We at Walyou wish all of you a very happy Diwali!

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