Amazon announce their own Email service

Amazon keep trying to up their game and compete with the giants anywhere they can, and their next step in this war is launching their very own Email service.

Jeff Bezos

Amazon will experiment with anything: phones, tablets, gadgets, streaming services, subscriptions, and now even their own Email service based on their cloud technology and IT skills. The company announced their latest addition today, and dubbed it WorkMail. The Wall Street Journal claims WorkMail is not an afterthought but a serious attempt by Amazon to compete with Microsoft’s services or Gmail. WorkMail won’t be free, at $4 USD per inbox per month, and can be used through any Email client the user picks, yet this price is the price of security

The WSJ reports that Amazon will encrypt their messages on WorkMail, whit companies’ administrators managing the keys required to bypass the inscription and read the message. Furthermore, WorkMail users can also make sure no one outside of a specific geographic region, country or county can read any of their Emails. While this might seem like going overboard, we’re sure European countries where borders are more lax but just as important when it comes to business will appreciate it.

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