Dasung 13.3 E-ink Monitor: the return of black & white

Remember black and white monitors from before the VGA times? They’re back – in a way that doesn’t mean technology involution.


Kindle users are familiar already with E-ink displays found in their readers, but they seemed to not have many other users. Yet that was only until Chinese company Dasung Tech came along and figured they could create a computer monitor based off of it. By using Fina’s electronic paper display (EPD) module, they created a 1600×1200 USB monitor users can employ to read text without straining their eyes. Sure, it might be hard to check Instagram selfies in this type of screen, but it is meant to be a secondary display, and not a main one.

The display doesn’t come cheap, retailing in China for some $970 USD, yet for those who read a lot from their computer screens, it might be worth it in the end. Who knows, users might even end up saving money in the long term thanks to power efficiency…

Via Technabob

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