Amazon Kindle Smartphone: What We Know So Far

A Kindle smartphone has been expected for a very long time, and Amazon teased us every now and then with juicy specs that would go into it. Still, an early 2014 launch seems to be more than probable now.

Back in May, the Web caught fire when rumors of Amazon working on a 3D display smartphone emerged. Everybody and his brother believed that Jeff Bezos’ company would launch the device along with its new generation of Kindle e-readers and tablets. The latter didn’t fail to appear, but the long awaited Kindle smartphone was still not launched. Of course, a 3D display would help the Seattle-based e-tailer to step out of the crowd a bit, but such features, while rare, still don’t make a device unique.

In October, a new series of rumors sprung up. This time, it was believed that Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC would make not one, but three devices for Amazon. On earlier occasions, some claimed that Amazon has a 4.7″ smartphone in the works, so the fact that HTC is preparing more than one device might hint at a range of Kindle phones with various display sizes and resolutions. From this point of view, Amazon has never been revolutionary. Their tablets often fade when compared to the Asus Nexus 7 and 10 tablets, save for the audio and dual-band Wi-Fi. Still, the e-tailer probably never wanted to launch a Nexus or iPad-killer. Given its coverage, however, it managed to offer a lot of people a lot of reasonably-priced tablets, which hopefully will also be the case with the Kindle smartphone.

More recently, sources close to Primax Electronics, a Taiwanese supply chain, claim that the e-tailer has placed an order for compact camera modules that would be used in a Kindle phone. And here comes one of the most incredible aspects: Amazon’s smartphone will feature a floating touch technology, something similar to what Apple has patented these days. In other words, we would be given the ability to control our smartphone without even touching its… well, touchscreen.

Considering all these rumors, would you buy an Amazon Kindle phone? It’s obvious that the device wouldn’t be cheap if it packed with a 3D display and floating touch technology, but one is allowed to dream. Hopefully, the e-tailer won’t delay the launch of its phone much longer.

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