Amazon pulls an Oopsie, leaks first Windows 8 mini tablet

Tech lovers got a sneak peak of the first small screen tablet on Windows 8 on May 3rd as Amazon quickly pulled off the product from their listings.


Those who have been itching for small and affordable Windows 8 tablets got the chance to wet their lips recently, as Acer’s Iconia W3-810-1600 made an appearance on the American version of Amazon, boasting some pretty amazing specs given its low price. With 2GB of SDRam, an Intel Atom dual-core processor, a screen resolution of 1280×800 and 32GB of storage, this little 8 inch tablet packs plenty of punch for power-users looking to have all the usability of a Windows PC without the bulk, or the outstanding price of a full-sized Windows 8 tablet. While the $379.99 price tag doesn’t compete with low-end Android tablets, and stands $50 above the iPad mini, the Iconia W3 does come with a multitude of solid features and apps built into the operating system that offers a bit more flexibility and syncing options for those who are using the operating system on their home computers as well. It’s important to keep in mind that unlike Android, Microsoft does charge manufacturers for the Windows license on their mobile devices, which inevitably raises the bar for cheaper Win8 tablets.

Although this isn’t the first time Amazon leaks the specs to an upcoming device, keep this information on a hefty plate with a bit of salt on the side. As usual, these lists are subject to change, and already saw some degree of alteration. Original the tablet was said to be sporting an Apple A4 processor, and was quickly corrected to show Intel’s flagship mobile CPU: the Atom instead.

Whether you’re into tablets or not, the Iconia W3 is an easy replacement for a laptop at a fraction of the cost, and still offers the same power a full-fledged portable computer can give you. Keep your eyes peeled for more development on this awesome little beast in the coming future.

Source: PCWorld

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