Amazon Sent Invites for the June 18 Launch of a Never-Seen-Before Device

Using a teaser ad that featured people moving their heads around a mysterious object while expressing their excitement, Amazon invited the world to a launch event that will take place on June 18.

Most likely, the mysterious device that Amazon is planning to launch two weeks from now is the long-awaited 3D smartphone the e-tailer has been rumored to work on. In the teaser video, people are looking at a device from different angles, suggesting that whatever is displayed on the screen has multiple facets. That would be the case with 3D displays, but the reaction of the witnesses is quite unsettling.

Most of them are asking (rhetorically) how is the 3D effect achieved, and claim that such an approach has never been taken before by anyone else. This could be explained by the fact that Amazon’s 3D smartphone will be equipped with 6 front-facing cameras, according to the previously leaked images, which will identify the position of the face and display the 3D content accordingly.

Much like Amazon’s tablets, the 3D smartphone (which will hopefully get a name like Kindle Phone) will also run a heavily modified version of Android, and will sport many of the e-tailer’s apps instead of the services provided by Google. Still, not long after the launch, there will be custom ROMs out there, so this shouldn’t be a reason to panic.

Amazon might also reveal at the launch of its 3D smartphone that it has partnered with AT&T in order to create a sponsored data plan that doesn’t count audio and video streaming from the e-tailer’s services as network traffic. From this point of view, more carriers should make such strategic partnerships.

I really enjoyed the ending, since the last reaction is of a guy who asks if he has to give it back. While confronted with the opportunity of seeing an innovative product ahead of the rest of the planet, I guess most people would ask that, or at least think it.

Once Amazon unveils its mysterious product, I’ll cover the details, even if it isn’t the long-awaited 3D smartphone. In the opinion of many, launching anything else but a smartphone would be a terrible disappointment at this point. Hopefully the hardware will match the expectations and a new contender will appear for the first place in the Android market.

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