Amazon insists on wearables, more gadgets incoming

We’ve seen Amazon release their first few gadgets as of late, and it seems that was just the beginning: they claim we ought to expect way more. Are they here to stay?


Amazon are still attempting to expand beyond merely delivering all of your favorite products around the world by expanding their hardware business. According to the latest reports? By creating top of the line Internet-connected household products and wearables.

Amazon plans to increase their number of employees by 27% at Lab126, Amazon’s hardware division out in Silicon Valley. For reference, these are the same guys behind the Kindle and Fire tablets & phones. The state of California would even collaborate via tax breaks saving the company $1.2 million in tax breaks, which would all go to creating more jobs.

The gadgets planned include a Wi-Fi device that would allow households to order stuff needed around the house with just one button. The rest would be wearables. Amazon seems bent on taking Google and Apple head on despite the lackluster performance of the Fire phone in the market so far.

Via Mashable

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