Amazon slashes the price of the Fire Phone: now $0.99 USD

Amazon’s Fire Phone, their own, unique smartphone that used to retail for $199 USD has received the most aggressive price cut in recent memory: it is $0.99 USD now.

amazon fire phone

The Fire Phone was released just 2 months ago, time after which Amazon decided to slash its price down to $0.99 USD. The rumor mill claims this might be because of sluggish sales.

The Fire Phone is not too shabby for its former price: it came with a 32-gigabyte HDD, 2 GB of ram, Android OS, moderately decent processor and a vibrant screen. Furthermore, it has a great amount of cross-functionalities with other Amazon gadgets. The 64-gigabyte version, which used to cost $299 will go down to the more rational $99 USD, which still is 66% off.

Critics claimed the phone didn’t offer anything unique that made it stand out from the likes of the Galaxy, iPhone or Nexus, but no one can deny it was a competent machine with enough personality to be considered as an alternative to these more mainstream devices.

The cheap, 99-cent version of the Fire phone will require a 2 year contract to work, but will give users a free year of Amazon Prime for users’ TV watching and fast-shipping needs, although this is a limited-time offer.

Via Wall Street Journal

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