Real Steel Ambush: Rock On with This Robot

Ever wanted to have your very own custom made robot toys? Check out the Ambush Robot toy inspired by the movie Real Steel.

If there’s one thing every geeky guy needs to have in their appartment, it’s a mantle filled with awesome toys that you could never have owned or properly appreciated when you were a kid but are old enough to finally admire. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve got a few awesome pieces hanging out at my place, but I don’t have anything as awesome as this Ambush robot inspired from the Real Steel movie about Rock’em Sock’em robots.

According to our source, Super Punch, this awesome Ambus robot was custom-made by artist threeA and is currently for sale over their store on eBay.

The amount of detail on this guy is incredible. From the chipped paint, to the dead eyes, to the metallic sneer, it’s simply incredible. I honestly have no idea how someone was able to make such a thing without some sort of robot-producing machine. I mean, I always thought that only a machine could make a robot, or something like that, but threeA’s proved me wrong here.

For those of you curious, be warned; this guy doesn’t come cheap. Simply try checking out the artist’s eBay Store and see for yourself. Custom-made doesn’t come cheap. Though, for the rich geek out there, if you’ve got the bone to spare, there’s quite a few different items to choose from, most of which are no less awesome than our man Ambush here.

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